OVPN Monitor - An open-source project

As everyone who spent any time within 10 feet of me in the last two weeks knows, I recently set up an OpenVPN server using a Raspberry Pi. I used it throughout XDC with nary a hiccup and couldn’t be more pleased. (A blog post on how to do this yourself will be coming soon.)

However, the one thing that was missing was a convenient way to monitor the server. (Actually, “servers” since one is listening on TCP and the other on UDP.) OpenVPN provides a command-line interface for this but I couldn’t find a good GUI, so I made one. If you’re interested, take a look here:


I haven’t yet committed this to the master branch so look at the develop branch, and keep in mind that I literally started this project yesterday and today have it running on MacOS and the Pi. That’s the power of Xojo.

To use it, you have to add a line to your OpenVPN server config file like

management localhost 5555

The port is arbitrary and can be practically anything. If you want to connect remotely, you’ll have to set up SSH key authentication since it won’t ask you for a password.

I just released v.1.0 to the master branch.

cant wait for the blog posting.

I’m going to (try to) work on it today. But be forewarned, as with all my posts, it’ll be Mac-centric.

that is fine for me.



I am getting an 503 error from your site.

I was able to connect (from a Mac).

Kem, please note that modern MacBook / Air / Pro lacks an Ethernet port. I was surprised nearly two years ago when visiting a friend that I had to use WiFi instead of Ethernet to go to Internet…

Can you price the elements (so people will have an idea of the whole cost), excepted Xojo, of course.
At the end of each lines of the What You’ll Need list for example.

In the mean time, I will try to get French prices (in Euros) or/end German prices (in € too !).

Thank you Kem.

Scott, can you try again? I am not seeing that error here (although it did come up a few times in the last day or two while I was editing).

Emile, I’d rather not post prices as they will go out of date. Besides, the bulk of the cost is in the Pi anyway.

Good point about ethernet, I’ll have to add a note that such setups will either needs an ethernet adapter for the Mac, or you’ll need a keyboard and mouse for the Pi.

A quick look at my German usual shop (in their internet site) gives:

The price of the card (only): 51.95€
lFun Computer, Khel, de .


Price: it was to give an idea, a better incentive.

Ethernet: what you wrote or a Mac with an ethernet port; yes, some people can have old computer(s) with a built in Ethernet Card. :wink:

I will continue to investigate for a shop here at Strasbourg (France, not in Saskatchewan, Canada).

After hiting Post a Reply, I realized that people can have spare Keybord and Mouse, even if only for some minutes.

Emile, just to be clear, the Mac doesn’t have to be connected to ethernet, just the Pi for headless setup.

will have to try it with my orange Pi I’ve got for some €12

I am getting it still. not sure if it is my internet connection (firewall/router) or on your site.

I’m getting 503 also

I had the host refresh the site. Still?

i’m getting your web page ok Kem.

I can get to the site using my Wireless (Verizon) but when using my DSL connection (ISP is now frontier communications - used to be Verizon) I get the service unavailable. I’m at work and will try from home because I have DSL through ISP frontier communications also and will see if it works there.

Still unacceptable, but perhaps it’s some network caching issue. Please try from time to time and let me know before I escalate the issue.


I will check after lunch (10:25 am here now) so in about 2 hrs