Overriding Built In Methods

I see that I can override, for example, Window.Show by simply adding the method .Show to my Window class. Is it OK to do this?

And, is there a way within the method to call the original function so that my Show method looks like

… Do stuff…
self.show // for real. No recursion please.

Window.Show is just an example. I’m curious in general about this.

(Writing this before I’m properly awake, so this may contain big errors)

There are generally two ways to access methods & properties of a superclass:

  • the Super keyword, e.g.
  • casting the object to an instance of the superclass

Note that the rules regarding which to use in which situation is a bit complicated, I believe the right answer depends on whether the Method or Property is “virtual” or not. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_function

Also, a second complication is that Windows are actually internally implemented as a Module, not a Class.

Actually, the shadowing issue only applies to properties. Overriding a method is perfectly fine.

Thanks Joe and Michael

If Super.ABC works, then you’re dealing with a method and you’re fine. If it doesn’t work (doesn’t compile), then you’re actually shadowing a property and should rethink your approach.

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