override Predictive Text?

Is there a way to force the predictive text (above a textfield keyboard) to be only what I want it to be?

I have a field where a month name can be part of the input… I only what “suggestions” to appear for

  • [J] Jan Jun Jul
  • [F] Feb
  • [M] Mar May
  • [A] Apr Aug
  • [S] Sep
  • [O] Oct
  • [N] Nov
  • [D] Dec

and no other suggestions need appear

I believe you can’t send suggestions to predictive text. However if you disable the autocomplete property of the text field you can offer your own suggestion view above/below the text field as the user types.

was afraid of that… I want the UI to be consistent… and I use the normal spelling/prediction for Notes etc…

I had run across one site that seemed to show how to do it… but all the code examples were PNG images that were way way too small to read and the article just refered to the images… so it wasn’t any help at all