Overloading issues???

Anybody else having overloading issues?

When I try to run I get error messages that “There is is more than one item with this name and it’s not clear ti which this refers”

BUT the only other methods with the same name have different parameters. It does not happen with all overloads but it’s happened on more than one.

This is in a project i am working on and adding new methods to I that originally created in 2009… Maybe that is somehow related to that?

  • karen

I’m seeing the same thing if I don’t specify all required parameters to match one of the methods. It feels like the error reported is different, but it is definitely an error. I haven’t bothered going back versions to see what it was though.

Probably has to do with the compiler tightening up

If you posted the signature (method name + parameters) could probably tell you why this is

There is a bug in 2014r3 where the compiler mistakenly considers ByRef as a conversion in some circumstances, which can lead to incorrect errors about ambiguity. It may be related to what you’re seeing.

Fixed in r31?

Ah that is EXACTLY it as I am using ByRef…

I’m using r3.1

No, it was reported after 3.1 was released.