Overlaying a transparent image on controls

Have you ever overlayed transparent images on top of text boxes or buttons in any of the programs you have written?


If so, could you provide a little screenshot?


I haven’t done this nor can I imagine why you’d want to do this, but since you do…

I think the problem would be that the canvas with the image is a rectangle so it would’t work quite right. If you don’t need the other controls to be active while the image is present, you could redraw the controls yourself with the image over them, then switch to a view with the actual controls.

Again, I’m offering advice without having tried it myself in the hope that it will somehow be helpful.

BTW, it would be helpful to change the subject to something more descriptive, like “Overlaying a transparent image on controls”.

Julian, if you are searching for a way to do this, take a look at OverlayMBS.

Its ok all, I’m not trying to do it and I too can’t really see the point, I just wanted to see if anyone had done it or even seen it done. I’m still tinkering with this xojo z-order framework issue and its the only thing I can’t easily get around. I was wondering if anyone does it, if not I wont lose any sleep over putting solution demo together for it.

Thanks Kevin. Gotta love those WS_EX_LAYERED windows :slight_smile: it would be certainly doable. Not really what I was after though, I should have made my post a little less vague :slight_smile: Just had a play with OverlayMBS, very neat, I love how Christian makes the things cross platform.

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