Output two strings VERTICALLY with horizontal gap between them?

For example I’d want to output the strings “Test” and “String” as

e t
s r
t i

I used the PREFORMATTED button but the n and g are still in the wrong place

Output? I am unclear what you mean here. To PDF? To paper? To a Text Area? To a Canvas?

If it is in a Canvas, you can use this code:

Dim captions() As String = Array("Test", "String", "Vertical")

Dim x, y As Double

//Initialise x and y

Dim deltax, deltay As Double
deltax = g.TextWidth(&u09) //Width of a tabulation
deltay = g.TextHeight

For each caption as String in captions
  y = g.FontAscent
  //Split the caption in characters
  Dim chars() as String = caption.Split("")
  For each c as String in chars
    g.DrawText( c, x, y )
    y = y + deltay
  Next c
  x = x + deltax
Next caption

To console or System.DebugLog

It’s debugging only code.

Dim words() As String = Array("Test", "String", "Vertical")

Private Sub OutputFormatVertical(words() As String)
  //find the longest word
  Dim maxLength As Integer
  For each word as string in words
    maxLength = max(maxLength, word.Length)
  Next word
  //Make each word the same length
  for i as Integer = 0 to words.LastIndex
    Dim word As String = words(i)
    While word.Length < maxLength
      word = word + " "
    words(i) = word
  next i
  //Now create a line with one char from each word
  Dim lines() As String
  For i as Integer = 0 to maxLength-1
    Dim lineChars() As String
    For each word as String in words
      lineChars.Append word.Middle(i, 1) + " " 
    Next word
    lines(i) = String.FromArray(lineChars,"")
  Next i
  //Now output all lines
  #if TargetConsole
    Print String.FromArray(lines, EndOfLine)
    System.DebugLog String.FromArray(lines, EndOfLine)
End Sub