OutOfBoundsException in Windows Runtime

Hey guys,

I have a client trying to run one of my 64 bit apps using 2016r1.1 and they are getting an OutOfBoundsException that appears to be coming from the Windows Runtime dlls.


Runtime Error
Please report what caused this error along with the information below.
Common\\ClassLib\\RuntimeThread.cpp: 1547
Failure Condition: !sCurrentThread->mCurrentException

Then you get the “Application has stopped working” dialog.

So I don’t think it’s a Xojo exception as it doesn’t trigger any of my exception handler code. And it just crashes.

Anyone has ANY idea what this is? I try it on my Windows machine and it’s fine.

Please report via Feedback.

Really? Ugh. I will then. But I have no more information than this. I don’t have a reproducible project. So I’m sure Xojo will say, “Case closed. Can’t Reproduce…”


Was hoping there was something on my end that was causing this…

I’ll have to fire up 2015r4 and compile my app for my customer…


Of course it would be nice if you have a receipt to reproduce.

Something with threads and exception handling.