outofbounds exception windows

I have an issue with only like 3 users of an application. I am not sure what is causing this, because I can’t even recreate it on VMs I setup to be exactly what they have. 2 are on Windows 8.1, 1 is on Windows 7, all 64bit. They get the outofbounds error when the app first starts.

[code] App.UseGDIPlus = True

	Dim ipAddress As String
	ipAddress = System.Network.LookupIPAddress("cloudflare.com")
	If ipAddress <> "" Then
			' MsgBox(ipAddress)
			MsgBox("You Need to Be Connected to the Internet to Use this Application.")
	End If
	Dim ff As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.UserHome
	ff = SpecialFolder.UserHome.Child(clickat.verdumfile)
	If ff.Exists Then
			Dim jsont As textinputstream = textinputstream.open(ff)
			Dim dd As String = DefineEncoding(jsont.ReadLine, Encodings.UTF8)
			Dim jsonData As String = dd
			Dim userData As New JSONItem
			Dim uemail, ukey, uuuid As String
			uemail = userData.Value("email")
			ukey = userData.Value("key")
			uuuid = userData.Value("uuid")
			Dim http As New Chilkat.http
			Dim success As Boolean
			success = http.UnlockComponent(clickat.getclic)
			If (success <> True) Then
			End If
			Dim checkurl As String
			checkurl = clickat.aaliccheck + ukey + "&url=" + uuuid
			Dim licrequest As String
			licrequest = http.QuickGetStr(checkurl)
			jsonData = licrequest
			Dim licData As New JSONItem
			Dim license, activation, expires As String
			license = licData.Value("license")
			activation = licData.Value("activations_left")
			expires = licData.Value("expires")
			If license = "valid" Then
					Window1.Visible = False
			End If
			Window1.Visible = False
	End If[/code]

This is the app.open code…

Basically any method calls here are just things in modules that are Base64 encoded with Bkeeney’s little base64 encode app.

Anyone have any ideas how to pinpoint what is causing this?


You should log that on the client to have more information…

Yeah working on doing that now… I think it is something odd in the json file being read for settings for licensing. Because I just saw someone’s file and they had "\r
" in it. So that apparently was brought over from copying and pasting from something.


JSONItem.Lookup is more safe than JSONItem.Value so that might be worth changing as well.