Outlook add-in

I would like to try to develope a MS Outlook add-in.
Are there any previous experiences to do that using Xojo?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

I am looking at the same thing, hopefully someone will reply soon.


HTML, CSS and JavaScript so Xojo’s not exactly useful in this scenario

Or are you thinking of a VSTO add in like this ?

As final target I would like to have a button in outlook’s window with in export an email with all its attachments and its fields as sender, recipients, subject, etc. The exported file would then be imported by our document management system (made with xojo) using its fields as search keys.

You should be able to add buttons to Outlook with a bit of VBA. I goggled “add button to Outlook VBA” and this offered several solutions. With VBA you can also get your data easily out of Outlook. Then you “just” have to find a way to talk to your Xojo app.

You could also ask Christian if he could add more stuff for MAPI (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAPI).

Thanks Beatrix. I’ll take a look to VBA.

Vba is the way to go, that’s what we use. We have a custom button on the outlook toolbar which runs a VB macro that exports the email to an MS ACCESS (yuck!) database, although could just as easily export to files to be picked up by a DMS I guess. For Xojo I have in the past used drag and drop, but had to drag to desktop, then from desktop into Xojo app as I could never figure out how to drag directly, just would not work.