outline color of a text field

Hey Guys,

i’m working on a new project to make things easier, like filling out standards question to fullfill workers need ( for example: Is your workingplace too cold?)
and my work requieres a new design

the design requieres just black and white but i even need to change the color of the outline of the text field, does anyone know how?

Create a new Style and add all the borders to it with the color you want.
Apply the Style to the TextField.
Or are you talking about the focus ring of the textfield?

yes i want to change the focus ring

when i start it and it’s selected than it turns blue but i want to light up grey instead of blue

I don’t think you can change that as it’s the browser that puts it there.
You could turn HasFocusRing to false and simulate your own using a Style when the field gets focus.

i’ve just turned the focus ring of so it just has a permanent black boarder around it which i know how to choose/creat

Focus rings on forms can be styled on the web. :slight_smile:

I haven’t looked into getting a Xojo web text field focus ring to change, however you can select one of the validation states for a Bootstrap field’s color with WebStudio.ws

Preview from the docs