Out of bounds when I Rip a value from a string

Hi All

Today I’m Facing with an OutOfBounds Error
When I Rippping text from a string and then get the Value of that String.

String: :15,Total,Recibidas,blablblblablbblabla

TotalXMLs = NthField(Recibidas, "," , 2).ReplaceAll("TotalXMLs:","").Val Msgbox "Total of CFDi's: " + TotalXMLs.ToText

TotalXMLs is an Integer Property

And Then When I read that Integer Property, Successfully I can display it on a Msgbox.
But, after Press “OK Buttton”, Shows me an OutofBoundsException

That code works.

Are you using the TotalXMLs variable to access an element in an array?

LOL, in fact Thats it. That was making crash. Thanks