Our Friends in the Xojo Community

Hello All.

While Xojo is a product we make and you are our customers, over the past 24 years so many of you have become friends. I can speak for everyone on the team when I say that the thing we look forward to more than anything else each year is renewing those friendships at our annual user conference. Unfortunately, sometimes we are put in situations where we have to choose between what is right and what is easy. Canceling felt like the right thing to do and with each passing day as the pandemic grows worse, it’s more clear that it was the right decision.

We know that for some of you, this crisis has already has caused a great deal of pain. For others, that pain maybe not be far away. We all hope for the best, but if we are using those engineering skills we all have inside of us, we are preparing for the worst. When trouble comes, it’s always good to have friends to lean on even if it’s just for some much needed moral support. It is my hope that you will all feel free to use the Off-Topic channel for this purpose. Members of the Xojo Community have a reputation for being there for each other and it’s at times like this when that is more important than ever. We will all have some extra challenges to face and just being able to vent frustration or help a friend in the community with some encouraging words can make a difference.

You, the members of the Xojo Community, are truly the best thing about Xojo. We hear from those new to Xojo how welcoming our community is. I am so very proud of our community for that. I know that during difficult times like these, we will be there for each other.

This crisis will eventually pass. For some it will have been an inconvenience and for others, it will have been life-altering. It is my hope that when we reach the other side we will be able to look back at the support we each received from members of the community if and when we needed it.

I expect this pandemic will be behind us long before our next conference. While the wait is now even longer, for those of you who can join us next April in London, it will make renewing our friendships and starting new ones even better. The first drink is on me.

Thank you Geoff, for those friendly words.

Looking forward for the London conference :slight_smile:

this one for me please :wink:

I hope there will be a virtual pub crawl thread as I’ll post a picture of what I’m enjoying that evening and we can all talk about stuff other than the epidemic.

We might have some virtual pub crawl plans…

Are all beers allowed? I mean some beer brands have an unlucky name…

They should put an Anti sticker above the name :slight_smile:

@Tomas Jakobs

I will take one of those with a lime wedge :slight_smile:

I say the marketing bods are thinking about a name change…

I’m already out of beer and vodka crawl doesn’t have the same ring…but I’ll be there!

I’ll have a diet soda on the rocks, thanks!

I’ll take the same beer as Tomas is suggesting.
In fact almost any beer is fine by me.
(Do you remember the beer tasting in Koblenz, Tomas?)
The only English beer that I really don’t like is Guinness. (Sorry guys)

[quote=479563:@Paul Sondervan]The only English beer that I really don’t like is Guinness. (Sorry guys)[/quote]Guiness is Irish :wink:

This is the right stuff:

My tipple for tonight, a couple of these :slight_smile:

Well, I do remember though only the first pints… seems I lost my ability to count somewhere after the 8th or 9th :wink:

A smooth Cab Sauv or Pinot Nior does it for me :slight_smile:

I’m not a wine drinker. I prefer Jameson Irish Caskmates Stout Edition.

I will be sitting in with a small glass of some Scotch or other :slight_smile: I do like a fancy beer but this aging body seems to gain 3 pounds every time I just sniff one so I’m switching to the hard stuff :slight_smile:

I’ll bring a nice New Zealand sauvignon blanc.