Other XDC Session Videos

I see that @David Cox has had his planned XDC session video uploaded to the Xojo XDC playlist as well as Christian. Although they are under no obligation, is their any intention from the planned session speakers to upload a video of them giving their talks?

I know when I spoke at XDC last year I had to provide my finished slides in advance of the event so I’m guessing most of the planned speakers have already put in the effort. Is anyone planning to do this? I’m sure the community would find them really interesting and would help to pass the time whilst we are all stuck indoors!

Speakers are under no obligation to record their sessions and we have invited all speakers to present a session at XDC 2021.

I understand that Dana. I asked David Cox off list if he would consider recording his session and he kindly did and provided it to you. I’m just asking if the other speakers would care to do the same too. I have no expectation that they will, nor would I judge them if they didn’t. I just thought that since they have likely put in a lot of work they might want to share it.

Ah, understood. I think I initially misread your question. If people have recordings of their sessions we can always add them to the playlist. We actually tweeted about it earlier :slight_smile:

I wrote my presentation in Keynote along with my Presenter Notes. As Keynote has the ability within itself to record your audio, then save it as a Movie, the task for me was trivial. It may be harder for others to record.

That said, I too would love to hear the other talks since our chosen topics may change in 12 months, and certainly the content.