Other editors

Is there a way to use another editor in xojo besides the one that is built in?

I like GUI based editors. For writing a paper MS Word is hard to beat.

I write a lot of TCL and Perl at work and find GVIM hard to beat.

So I think I know the answer to my GVIM question. So the furstrations I am experiencing in Xojo are:

  • Split window - I would like to look at several things at once: code for the event, a method, some constants . . .
  • ctrl-c ctrl-v rarely seem to work on Windows XP (extra mouse clicks) ( am using latest build)
  • regular expressions
  • I also struggle with the fact that everything I want to do involves a mouse click. For instance: I want to crate 15 copies of a button and only change the label. In GVIM (or emacs) I just replicate the lines for the first instance 15 times. Then search for the string I want to change.

Here is another way to think about it. With web page authoring tools I have seen a source view. I can move things around in the GUI, or change things around in the source view. I get the best of both.

Sorry, that’s not how Xojo works.

You can open several windows on the same project for different views, and you can find by regex, if that helps you.

You’re trying to use Xojo like GVIM. Don’t do that. I usually tell people to stop trying to use Xojo like because it will only frustrate you.

[quote=53265:@Glenn Boyer]ctrl-c ctrl-v rarely seem to work on Windows XP (extra mouse clicks) ( am using latest build)
Don’t feel bad, they don’t work on OSX either

Bob: Your point is valid. So let me ask my question this way: How do you resolve (or eliminate) the need to look at multiple portions of your code at once?

Kem: Are you referring to the tabs feature (which was off by default)

Can I tear off windows or tabs? If I can have multiple tabs, can I view multiple tabs at once?

Is it possible to see the library and Inspector at the same time?

Yes. Go to Preferences and select “Show Library and Inspector As floating palettes”.

To see multiple views of your code in multiple windows, select File->New Workspace. Tabs are also quite useful, but you cannot tear them off into their own window.

Multiple Windows if I need to. But, as with most tools you just get used to the limitations. I rarely need to have multiple windows open.