OT - Stacksocial website programming bundle (learn to code bundle)

Just in case anyone is interested (I signed up for it myself) Stacksocial has a bundle with 8 courses (courses provided through Udemy) looking at several aspects of web development (HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Python, Java) and IOS, OS X programming (Objective C and Xcode). You name your own price and 10% of the price you pay goes to charity.
It’s called the “Name Your Own Price Learn To Code Bundle” - 8 Actionable Online Courses. Donate to Charity. Code Like a Champ. If you pay more than average (about 10$ at the moment), you get all 8 courses.

You can find it at https://stacksocial.com/?rid=151519

I hope this might be of interest to some.

Dirk Cleenwerck