OT: Next XDC better outside US?

I am a known traveler (Global Entry program) for the US, so I don’t need to answer questions or take off shoes :slight_smile:
A great way to pass the lines.

If you take the time to read all the documentation you will find that you give up certain rights, such as for example the right to a judicial hearing etc…

Did I miss an executive order banning mainland Europeans from visiting? Even the order that exists is temporary. The Xojo conference is over a year out. These issues will get resolved long before then. There are far larger conferences, conventions, and business events that occur that will require travel into the United States to be working smoothly. As soon as these orders start hurting someones bottom line they will get it worked out ASAP.

It all depends on how you understand temporary.
Around 60 years ago, a brand new temporary Tax was set. It tooks around 10 years before the “Temporary” tax ended.


[quote=314847:@Emile Schwarz]It all depends on how you understand temporary.
Around 60 years ago, a brand new temporary Tax was set. It tooks around 10 years before the “Temporary” tax ended.


The order was already stayed by the judicial system so technically its already been cancelled. We don’t have a dictator yet so most of these concerns are unfounded. So long as the three branches can maintain their integrity the system is working as designed.

This, as in the new world order according to Trump, is becoming so “Orwellian”.

“Fake News”, “Alternative Facts” = “NewSpeak”.

I don’t like to get political and rarely share my ideas publicly so I’ll just add this:

If you want to help us - beat us. We are a very competitive nation of ultra capitalists and nothing forces our hand more than good old competition. The example led by Christian in running his own conference and others who are very successful makes all of us here in the states want to do better.

It’s easy to fall into mockery and shaming and laugh that the United States future is not always so certain. There are great people here as there are in all nations. I feel fortunate that I can be a part of such a great community of like minded developers. Hopefully I get to meet many of you in Denver. Next year I will make my best effort to join one of the Xojo-related conferences in Europe. See you then.

I feel this thread is getting closer and closer to be locked. It seems less and less about why XDC should take place out of the US than about voicing largely unsubstantiated fears.

Personally, I don’t care XDC to take place in Colorado, Texas, or Nevada. I would not care either if it took place in London, Berlin, Madrid, Roma, or any of the EU countries. What is important is not the color of the horse, it is important that it rides fast.

Some Leaders have a vision for the world - others prefer to look inwards. A shakeup of the status quo can be a good thing.

In the next few years I propose an XDC in Australia. Just make sure you brush up on your Mandarin or Cantonese first.

sarcasm; Maybe in the neterlands (as the second).

America first, Netherlands second?

if you travel (international) on a regular basis (at least once a year if not more often), the known traveler programs are great. I dont travel internationally enough for me to do the paperwork for it. I know many that have and it is very nice.

We would apologize for that, but the Canadians beat us to it.

Apology accepted?! We’re not sure what to say now.

Our system doesn’t accommodate a dictator very easily. All the complaining over “gridlock” is a misunderstanding. It’s called checks and balances. Gridlock is a feature, not a bug.

Really? As a long time observer and participant in the news biz what I see is noise overloading a system made fragile by people that want “free” news. I’d like you to cite your source for such an increase in retractions from “AP, Reuters, New York Times, CNN”. I suggest you peruse the NYT corrections page and actually look at how correct they get the first draft of history.

Just because fakers call fake does not make it true. As usual Shakespeare said it best "The lady doth protest too much, methinks".

If you want accurate news PAY FOR IT! Subscribe to your local paper at a minimum. Add your national paper of record or the NYT/WP if you really want to help the cause of freedom. As David Simon said "The day I run into a Huffington Post reporter at a Baltimore zoning board hearing is the day I will no longer be worried about journalism". Just like politics all journalism is local and without professionals (meaning paid people that consistently cover an area of expertise) on the lookout waste, fraud and abuse run wild. Those that attack the media are usually the worst offenders of the public trust.

Yes, really … or at least the number of errors (intentional and otherwise) demanding a retraction has grown significantly. Journalism for the most part is dead … it has been replaced by partisan Op-Ed pieces cloaked as journalism.

link text

[quote=314918:@Norman Palardy]Note that link is a survey of public perception of press accuracy and not a measure of actual retraction rates
I’m not surprised it’s dipped over the last 20 years in the US[/quote]

it has dipped quite a bit in the last 6months-year

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