[OT] June 2022 activity

This is my June 2022 activity (-1, it was 92 a minute ago):



Does that mean that you have 91 comments/likes on your posts that you haven’t reviewed and 5 private messages that you haven’t read?

Edit: My icon had no numbers and now it shows 1

Jeff just gave me a like in a post about autocomplete in comments. Now my icon has not numbers again.

No, 5 people were not happy with my answers to them.

And for 91: i try to read thread I answer in a navigator where I am not registered to this Forum…so the number (most of the time) does not decrease. Now it is at 93…

I didn’t know that, I guess I haven’t received one of those yet.

That was not the case, but think:
some people feel RTFM as aggressive…

Most of the time I gave (only) a link to the docs…

And one of the guy disappears since…

This is called set a flag, I think. I do not tried to give one to someone.