[OT] Default behaviors that “help” users

I used Xojo 2020r2.1 on Saturday and Sunday and found a strange new behavior I do not reported (and I will not).

For unknow reasons, I get dots here and there in the Code Editor and was asking myself why, but I had no time to report it.

Today, I made some changes to files in a M1 based computer and fall into the same trap.

After a minute or two, I noticed the dot appears each time I set two consecutives spaces (a room for a number to add later because unknow at typing time).

I checked in the Control Panels, Keyboard and notices a preference that said something like: “add a dot if two spaces”.

It is an OS special feature said to add the users as well as Titlecase the first character of a word, etc.

So, for your users, add help feature carefully because it may not help.

That is the reason I do not reported it.

For the record:

Sometimes I started to code a line with “ = .\tab“ and nothing happens. (Deciding to wrote a variable name later, none comes to mind at that time)
I Dim and add the variable name, place the cursor at the dot and press \tab to get the autocomplete and I get it!

Now, I know how Xojo works and I (try to) act how I can with that. Beating the system (or Xojo) is a vain quest.

Google “How to Disable Auto Period Typing Shortcut on Mac”

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Thank you Alberto.

Before disabling, one have to understand what happened.

Once I understand, it was easy (for me, and this time) to find: where the OS allow the user to change " with “ or ” ? Oh Yes, in the Keyboard Control Pannel.