OSX opening a copying a OSX .app file

I am trying to send an update from a server to a client, I do not seem to be able to open the xxx.app file (I guess this is some kind of special or zipped folder), but I can access the contents/macosx/xxx file within it. However I would rather open the .app file and send the whole thing rather than the file inside. Is this possible?

If I send the xxx file inside and try to re-insert it at the client (which is seems to do even though the app is running) when I restart the app the app does not launch.

Is there any easy way to update an app (question for you mac experts out there)

Why are you butchering this poor app ? Simply zip it to protect it from the hostile world, send the zip to the client. Upon reception, instruct him to double click on the zip, then drag the app from the extracted folder and place it into the Applications folder. He will have to provide his system password to confirm the replacement.

If you try to send an app naked or place it like that on the server, it will get broken. Always compress it to ship.

Michel is correct, for Mac user this is SOP.

I bet Dave thinks more about something automated, so his app would install the update…

Copying the new .app over the old one is the easy way :slight_smile:

Dave, Mac we see that .app folder as one single file that launches. It may look like a lot on Windows, but for the Mac Users it’s a simple process to just replace the .app

Dave. Messing with the .app may cause Gatekeeper to not allow the application to run.

Then he should have described more fully what he wants to do, instead of venturing into frankensteinian bundle surgical procedures and direct manipulation of the all too radioactive Unix executable :wink: . Package Maker could probably carry an automated update, but that means a lot of aspirin, sweat and pain. When having the user extract the zip and copy a file is so easy.