OS X Downloads?

I am logged in, and trying to download OS X 10.8 and 10.7 from the developer site. (so that I can test my app on older versions).

I can only find combo updates for those OS’s, and VMWare fusion claims it can find no OS when trying to install those?
Any ideas if it is possible to install these in VMWare fusion, and if so, exactly where I get the OS from on the developer site?

Thank you all in advance.

Do you actually have a developer account ? If so you can download several previous versions of OSX.

If its the free beta account for testing Yosemite, you dont get access to previous versions. The app store shows previous versions too but you cant download them unless you are using an earlier version than you are trying to download.

Yes - I have a paid account and have logged in - but I can only find combo updates, which VMWare Fusion says cannot be installed.

VMware is correct. The combo updates are just that, updates, not full installers. When I had my paid developer account I was able to download previous full installers though. I wonder if they have changed that recently.

10.7 and 10.8 are apps which are downloaded from the App Store nowadays. Your dev account should have a redeem code to get them (if you don’t already).

Check on the “Purchases” tab of app store, and they should be there to re-download if needed.

Found 10.8 and 10.9 in my purchases :slight_smile:
10.8 was 4.45 GB, but when I try to copy it onto my 64 GB USB stick - it tells me it is too large for the volume’s format?

USB sticks usually come formatted FAT - you should use disk utility.app to partition it as GUID (aka GPT) format, if you want to use it on a mac. If you do so, then windows PCs won’t be able to read it, however.

I will delete all my backup data off of it, reformat it, and then retry.