OS X Creation Process?

I am just about to start converting my Xojo Windows program to a Retina ready program for OS X.

Could someone please tell me if these steps are in the correct order:

  1. Drag double sized (@2) images for every button icon / image etc. into my project.
  2. Build my completed program in Xojo.
  3. Change the plist file to state that my program is Retina ready.
  4. Obtain an Apple Developers License.
  5. Open my completed Xojo program in something like AppWrapper and sandbox / digitally sign my completed program.

Have I missed anything out, or are any of these steps in the wrong order?

Thank you all in advance.

Note that step 5 does require an actual Mac to do it (it relies upon Apple’s code signing console app to digitally sign your code).

And make sure in step 4 you actually get the correct certificate for your needs. There are two kinds: one is for Mac App Store apps, the other is just to sign apps so that Gatekeeper doesn’t report an error when users try to launch your unsigned app. It’s a little confusing, but apps like AppWrapper will walk you through the process.

Also: to sell on the Mac App Store, your app must have 1024-pixel icons. AppWrapper will help you with that, too, or you can manually replace the icons in your app bundle with bigger ones.

Thank you.