OS X beta testers please

Do you run OS X Mavericks or Mountain Lion? Do you normally keep your dock hidden? Would you help me beta test a new Xojo-built app? PM me for more info, thanks very much to anyone who can help out!

Gavin I am running 10.9.2 and I keep my dock hidden. I’ll help out if you want to email me the details. Thanks!

me too… 10.9.3… if can help.

me three! 10.9.2

if you need any more: 10.9.3, dual monitors and dock hidden.

on small screens like an Air I keep the doc hidden (to the left).
on my Mini with a large screen or an iMac, I sometimes leave the doc visible (depending on the purpose of the machine).

Was I the only one who followed directions and sent a PM? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


At least that’s a sign for a healthy herd instinct here :wink:

Thanks to everyone who volunteered, I’ll PM you guys this weekend with a link to the binary and a few simple notes. Much appreciated!