OS X 10.11 El Capitan - quick test

Did some quick tests with the first beta of OS X 10.11 El Capitan and all my apps work fine.
Not quicker or better, they just work as expected. :slight_smile:
They claim the GUI is about 50% faster but I could not see any differences (for now).

Now thats good news for a change. So no rush rush panic moments this time. :slight_smile:

BTW still think Sam will hate it. :wink: :wink: :wink:

I KNOW Sam will hate it. More iOS-ification. It’s starting to make the latest GNOME desktop look mature.

Lol… Yup, still not a fan of the flat interface, will download the new version on the test machine later today. I’ve been reading the API changes and there’s a lot… Have to wait until later in the week to see how some of this new stuff is truly useful.

Pretty excited about Metal coming to the Mac, should improve the performance of my photo apps.

Do you think Metal will be used by Core graphics (for example the CIFilters) without changing any code?

I’m more excited by the fact this is supposed to be a “performance and stability” version than anything :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think normal CoreGraphics drawing will be hardware accelerated. They tried that a long while back with QuartzGL and it didn’t provide significant wins.

I see already that there’s an option to create a CIContext from a metal context…

Not a very good start, “El Capitan” bricked the 1st Mac installed on… It didn’t seem to like being installed over Yosemite. Clean install and it worked.

Updated my MBP yesterday from Yosemite to ElC and all went fine. :slight_smile:

Captain Hook ?

Oh damn, I was hoping for the return of gradients as new and stylish and different. I still hate the iOS look.

I don’t know why, but I always read “OS X El Alamein”.

But nice to read compiled projects are still working fine, tho’ I still need to (nearly) finish(ed) to import my projects into the latest Xojo version.

El Crapitan??

Christoph, did you try Xojo-built apps in full-screen split-view?

I’m with you on this. 100%.

I’ve already seen people saying this is potentially the new Snow Leopard; the stability of that in its day was incredible.


My first test failed – using MacOSLib to display large PDFs -> reproducible hard crash (in Yosemite there are rendering problems, but no crashes). Haven’t tried it with smaller PDFs yet.

Not very surprising. As Sam already wrote:

BTW: Sorry, but today i am the “smart aleck” :wink:

I’m not surprised that there are bugs in a new OS (or an old OS). But it shouldn’t be because of API changes. They shouldn’t break existing code (and none of the APIs we use have been deprecated by Apple). If they do, it’s a bug.

It’s fun and useful to try things out of interest, but let’s remember this is an early beta and not a released OS.

Plus, @Jonathan Ashwell said it already did not work in Yosemite flawlessly :wink: