OS Version Issue

The latest update to one of my apps seems to be having trouble running on OS 10 versions earlier than OS 10.9.

Also, the App Store has informed me that recent updates to my apps will only run on OS 10.9.

Does anyone know why this should is?

Should say “Does anyone know why this is?”

Just a guess, but did you happen to use something like App Wrapper and set the minimum OS version to 10.9 without realising it? The Info pane of App Wrapper has a “Min OS Version” setting. I’m not sure where it is in App Wrapper Mini.

I did use app wrapper for the App Store submissions but I didn’t set the minimum OS to 10.9. I set it to 10.7. My other app is not in the App Store so app wrapper isn’t involved but even so it’s not working on non-10.9 systems.

Something must be setting the value of LSMinimumSystemVersion to 10.9 in the app’s Info.plist. If you make a fresh build from Xojo and then check the Info.plist in the app’s bundle, does this key show 10.9 or 10.7?

Maybe some specific declares ?

Do you get an error message?

LSMinimumSystemVersion is set to 10.7. I may be over-reacting regarding the non-App Store app. I have heard from a couple of users that they are unable to run it on 10.7 and 10.8. Perhaps it’s something local to their machines.

However, an app submitted to the App Store was throwing up a dialog saying something about the system needing to rebuild something (I should have made a note of the actual wording). It turned out they (the App Store testers) were testing it on 10.8. When they ran it on 10.9 the dialog didn’t appear. I have had to set the minimum system required to 10.9 for that app.

I am wondering if anyone had a similar experience.

Here is the actual wording from the App Store testing:

[quote=84998:@Terry Findlay]Here is the actual wording from the App Store testing:
On launch of the app, a dialog is still presented stating the OS needs to be repaired (screenshot1) when run on Mac OS X 10.8.5. ??It may be possible that your app is only compatible with Mac OS X 10.9, as the issue is not present on that OS[/quote]

Now we finally get to know the complete picture. Can you post screenshot1 ?

Here’s a link to the screenshot.

It looks very much as the Library has been modified by your app ? So, are you placing a file or doing anything in the Library that could generate that message ?

The app only writes to and reads from the Application Support folder. If it were doing anything in the Library I would imagine that the dialog would come up on OS 10.9 too.

Your question got me thinking though. The app does check for an Application Support folder and attempts to create one if there isn’t. But I doubt if this code ever executes because there will always be an Application Support folder.

[code] f = SpecialFolder.ApplicationData

if f <> nil then
if f.Exists = false then
end if[/code]

You may have found your bug. At any rate, you should not double guess the Mac OS file system like that. SpecialFolder.ApplicationData always exist. Simply verifying that it exists maybe enough to trigger an exception in some previous systems, even if 10.9 is OK with it. And trying to create one is for sure a nono.

I would simply remove that piece of code anyway. Chances are that will take care of the issue.

Thanks for you generous help with this Michel. I will remove the above code and submit the app to see if that fixes the problem.