Orphaned UTI reported by AppWrapper

I don’t understand the meaning of several “Potential Issues” that are reported when I sign and package a Mac OS X executable (non-MAS) with AppWrapper 3.

The message is Orphaned UTI xxxxxx. Its specified, but not used. (Where “xxxxxxx” is the UTI type identifier)

This is happening with both imported and exported UTIs. What does “not used” mean? What do I need to do to make them be “used?”


You should probably just email support@ohanaware.com for the definitive answer, but I believe you are safe in ignoring this message.

Thanks, Roger. I will if Sam doesn’t respond here, but I figured I’d post on the forum first so that the answer will be more accessible to others in future…

wonder what it’ say about the IDE since there are several that basically are not “used” for anythign but form the basis of a logical hierarchy
For instance com.xojo.project is just a placeholder that all other project types conform to

Do you have anything like that in your UTI’s ?

Dunno if it complains about a set up like that

Nope. No hierarchy. One is for PDF files (import), and the others are for app-specific document and settings file (export)…

Hi Peter, what it means is that it can find a UTI but it’s not associated with any document types. As far as my tests show, a UTI that’s not associated to a document type doesn’t do anything. However I never really considered Norman’s situation either, where it’s a sort of super UTI.

I’m guessing that in the File Types association dialog (under the OS X heading) the file type is not being added to the plist (unchecked), yet the UTI information is.

Thank you, Sam. So that dialog box in Xojo is titled “Select which file types your application will accept as file drops under OS X”

If I don’t want a file type to be accepted as a drop, can I then leave it unchecked, and simply ignore the AppWrapper “potential issue” as Roger suggested?