Organization of a Xojo App

Below is the Eddie Electronics top-level organization of the parts of a Xojo app. Might there be a simpler one that a beginner like me cannot know yet at this point, simple but yet can accommodate growth vertically (more apps) and horizontally (more windows and functionalities within the same level)? (My current app is getting too big for pampers.) Thanks much.

Might there be a sample app that I can use as template that’d suit a growing app?

If you load the IDE and click on the “Examples” in the choose project dialog there are lot of examples listed based on topic. I suggest just opening a few of these and looking at the project and code. These are more byte-sized topics for you to explore.

Additionally, there are a lot of youtube videos available too.

There are probably some good patterns and some bad patterns but ultimately YOUR work pattern and organizational preferences for the various app elements is what will win. What order and where those items are stored in Folders and modules hierarchically is customizable. It would be interesting to have a “Best Practices” discussion around this topic though.

Thank you. I’ve looked at those. They are very helpful. Ernies Electronics seems to be the most compete db app. I’m looking at using it as a template. Just thinking there may be others there suitable for this purpose.