ORDER BY and Listbox sort

I just noticed a strange order after I add ORDER BY Name in my whole Read.

For example, if I have a Record like this one: Gilbert de La Fayette *, whete Gilbert is the first name and de La Fayette is the Name (family name), it appears after the last name that starts by the Z letter.

Listbox sort place these names in the D/d order.

is this SQLite sort fixed or can I modify this ?

  • Full name: Gilbert du Motier, marquis de La Fayette, a.k.a « La Fayette ».

And, yes, the differend US Cities called Lafayette cames from this French guy.

Xojo is NOT case sensitive, but SQLite is (UNLESS you tell it not to be)

add " COLLATE NOCASE" to the end of you SQLite query

Yes !

Thank you Dave !

Very nice !!!

For the record: SQL for Dummies does return nothing for a search on “COLLATE NOCASE” (NOCASE is unknow too).

SQL for Dummies 8th Edition, by Allen G. Taylor.