Oracle Date Display

I’ve successfully connected to my Oracle Database.
When populating to DataList, my date looks like this:
-7417-48-88 04:00:00

This is as a string value. When I convert to a date value, I get garbage results as well: 11/21/34

The date is actually today 8/20/19, or in Oracle ‘20-AUG-19’

How do I convert this to properly display?

I don’t know if this will help as Ive never used an Oracle database, but maybe you should look at the SQLDateTime, as I had horrendous problems with dates from my MSSQL databases, SQLDateTime worked on most date fields, but as I said Im not sure if this will help.

Is that with built in Oracle plugin or MBS Xojo SQL Plugin?

What does your Oracle SQL look like?

Are you using the TO_DATE() function to convert the string date information into an actual date type?

I haven’t used Xojo against an Oracle database yet, but I often query data from Oracle via SQL Server and Oracle date information is pretty quirky.