Oracle Database

First… I search help for database and get nothing… Don’t get it.

I want to create a connection to an oracle database.
I am quite familiar with mySQL…

dim db as MySQLCommunityServer

But what about Oracle?

Is there a different object to use?

Sorry I guess the web site was down…
Help doesn’t work in the ide when the server is down?

Isn’t there a port number that the database server is listening on?
I see a hostname, but no port?
Or is oracle always on port 1521?

Assuming I get a connection to this database…
I want to execute:

Show Databases;
User aDatabaseName;
Show tables;
Describe aTableName;

This is all compatible with Oracle?

What is all this about an Oracle Instant Client?
and this “You’ll also need to make sure that your system path contains the folder with the Oracle Instant Client.”

I downloaded a zip fire for the OS X Instant Client.
Looks like a few executables and libraries…

Not sure if it helps but a while ago, I couldn’t make it work until this thread helped me: