Options for embedded databases with no file? Best practices for securing app data?

Hey all, I am working on a desktop app that is supposed to be pretty secure (the data is of a sensitive nature). But, on top of actually being secure it is partly about the theater of security (ie an encrypted sqlite file seems ok, but being able to find the file easily worries the client). So, are there any options for some kind of fileless or at least hidden database? I saw valentina adk but it’s kind of expensive (want to support windows, linux and possibly mac in the future) and I don’t want to convince another purchase of basically the same thing after the bundle. I am currently using an encrypted sqlite file and I package it with the build files using appacker (https://github.com/SerGreen/Appacker) for a portable executable, but it is still unpacked in the temp folder while running. Just wondering what methods do others use to secure their apps?

Does the app unpack it, do its thing, then remove the database in the temporary directory? If so, maybe an in memory sqlite database would work better since it definitely goes away when the app quits and has no file on disk - ever.

Yes, it repacks the file (there are a few setting stored) and then deletes. Thanks, I see you can create an in memory db by just Dim’ing a new SQLiteDatabase and connecting, how do you get data in? I have the sql dump string encrypted in my app too, can I create from that?

Edit: Duh, I forget you can just run queries. Thanks! Been searching so hard for what’s right in my face haha.

to copy the data from a physical to in-memory or vice-versa… use the SQLite Backup command
this way if your schema changes, you don’t need to worry about it.

I use this in an app that stores a “project” that the user creates… this way they can easily abandon changes, or revert to last saved copy etc…