Opinions on this blog???

I see that Andrew used to part of the Xojo community and now he seems to have retired. Personally, I am a lover of Xojo and I know it meets my requirements despite it having a lot flaws. I did not realise there so many people who hated Xojo.

If enough people see this blogpost this could give Xojo a bad reputation. I think this guy is kind of ignorant though. But I cannot believe such a big contributer would leave like that.

I agree with some of his points but I want to know what you think of this?

Some of the points he made like the one about LLVM I would say is not just ignorant but he is complaining about something that is not highly important. Out of interest, is there any new news on LLVM?

Someone called luke wrote this:[code]Such a well written and concise article.

As an ex-Xojo user, I can attest to how much you’ve contributed to the Xojo community and I’ve appreciated your help countless times.

It’s really a shame that you, being such a large contributor xojo would rather ignore your feedback and see you leave.

they seem more interested in focusing on schools and novices to gain more profits by ripping people off and ruining young adults career potential than building a robust application thats competitive.

Stick to c# & .net, microsoft now is supporting native code through c# using their cpp compiler and mono will get you cross platform, plus Azure is a wonderful cloud platform.[/code]

I think this is so ignorant as well! Personally, I see no alternative to Xojo. Xojo meets many people’s requirements very well which are not met by C#, vb.net or Mono.

What you people think of this?

It’s from November 2013, why stir up trouble?

It is impossible to please everyone, but Xojo improved a lot since Nov 2013 IMO.

I’d also note that the author of that blog post recently committed some updates to his Xojo code on Github, so I surmise he’s still using Xojo despite his histrionics.

He tweeted it recently. But I wouldn’t recommend any action. There are troubles under some Linux distributions while others work fine, so if he is bound to the distro he is using by some good reason it is a logical choice to look for other tools.
The problems with LLVM are in part caused by some portions of it not being fully 64 bit ready if I remember Norman’s words correctly, so this will surely be resolved but may take some time beyond Xojo’s influence.
After all, he could still give Xojo another try then. With all the improvements going on, this would be another logical choice.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. For example, if I started to think that you are not who you claim to be and are here to plant the seeds of discontent, well, I’d be entitled to that opinion.

Just sounds like someone was having a 10 minute hissyfit to me…

This is just how everyone rolled last fall. Real courage in that era would have been if someone suggested they stay the course and be patient.

The second from last paragraph perhaps reveals the real reason for the post - he seems to have some sort of chip on his shoulder of a personal matter.

Every now and then you see someone having this sort of hissyfit and claiming they’re off to use some other magical tool. They usually quietly return.

I agree!

People have commented very recently.

Lol yeah.

I did not say there are not entitled to their own opinion. I just giving my own opinion.

[quote=103611:@Gavin Smith]The second from last paragraph perhaps reveals the real reason for the post - he seems to have some sort of chip on his shoulder of a personal matter.

Every now and then you see someone having this sort of hissyfit and claiming they’re off to use some other magical tool. They usually quietly return.[/quote]
Lol I did that. I found out Mono sucks and decided that I love Xojo. I am a true fan of Xojo now though!

opinions are like ***holes, everyone has one.

With this said, the validity and value of someone’s opinion is defined by the person listening to said opinion and how they are able to relate the subject matter to their own personal experiences.

I agree with Tim’s statement 100%. There is no point in bringing this here.

So this guy has a tremendous ego, and a poor self esteem that prevents him to stand for his real name and real age.

Apart from that and poor me whining, he has a point in the lack of support for http 1.1.

Big deal. This guy complains, and does not seem to be able to talk about the so called solution he found. Looser. Boring.

I’m new at Xojo and after googling about Xojo I found his post and I’m little at distance about outright purchase of pro license…

I’ll build web app and then see how it goes before I commit to buying… I was prepared to buy it then until I found that blog…

I can say some things I found out right after install… Copy/Paste using control + c and control +v sometimes work some time does not…

in 90% of times if you do right click copy and do control+v it will work but control + c does not work 99% of times (in few places it Works)

This is not deal breaker so to say but it’s VERY annoying … and makes someone trying before buying Wonder what quality of IDE they can expect if such a basic thing does not work…

Its latest version of Xojo on Windows 8.1

I think that Xojo needs to address those few little things that people notice right away and makes them wonder…

I decided to stick even if it’s not working as it should and give it a try… But how many people decided to back down… I don’t know… But Xojo has to think about it

For now I’m here and probably will be sticking to Xojo… close I like it, I come from vb 6 and vb.net world…

Its only platform that’s let’s say almost easy affordable and easy to use and can be for Windows, Linux, mac os… Now if they would add iOS, Android and Windows Store/Phone app Support it would be perfect development tool

Some recommended me Xamarin… But if you look at the price, and that I have to learn C# I said no tnx… At least for now…

iOS is in alpha stage, so hang on in there.

If even I can make software using Xojo - it must be good :slight_smile:

The support from the Xojo community here on these forums is second to none!

I Know … I did read about it…

p.s. You will have to excuse my English as it’s my second language, and mostly self-thought… Only last year did i go to learn a bit of missing stuff (mostly grammar) :slight_smile:

I saw that too. I’d say he’s not a fan of the real name thing, but there it is on his blog.