Opinion on MAS app

My flagship app has been offered on my web site for many years and I’ve had a limited version (Personal Edition) on the MAS for about 4 years. Obviously, those two version had different bundle IDs. I am about to release the identical app on the MAS that has been on my web site. I want the PE version on the MAS to end and this new MAS version to be a new submission. My question is…should I use the same bundle ID as the version offered on my web site, or create yet a 3rd bundle ID for this NEW MAS version?
Thanks for your “take”

Keeping the same Bundle ID would mean that those who purchased the MAS app would get an upgrade to the feature-rich version going forward. Which would certainly make them happy too.

Discontinuing what they got could make them feel abandoned.

I guess it depends. In my case, I did kill a limited free version and in place added a more feature rich paid version with a different bundle ID.

Also upgraded over time a single feature app to one with a substantial upgrade in feature. Of course over time increase a price slightly.

That’s just my take.

Thanks for you reply, Edwin, but I think you misunderstand the issue. I have decided that the PE (limited) MAS version of my app will come to an end. The new version I put on the MAS will definitely have a bundle ID different from the PE version currently there (as well as a price increase because it will have more features) The question is whether to use the SAME bundle ID as the version offered on my website (which is feature equivalent) for the new MAS version, or whether there’s a reason to use a different ID.

These days, you can do anything but subscriptions… :wink:

You can use the same ID as the one for your Website.

Thanks, Sascha

Use the same bundle identifier; if the two apps are identical (apart from registration code), it will make it a lot easier on you.

Remember, more savvy customers will ship around, so they might find version 1.x on the App Store, but choose to purchase version 2.x from a bundle or promotion. If they do, their preferences and stuff are all preserved.