Opinion on approach

I am using an IN-MEMORY SQLite database to store “project” information. One table holds all the top level project data (name, version, author etc). This information needs to be read and written at various times based on what the user has done.
My question is … Which approach is better?


Minding that this is a IN-MEMORY database, I’m not seeing that there is a lot of processing overhead, and the GET/SET of values (regardless of method) is not speed dependant. So far I am leaning towards method #1, unless someone either comes up with a rational reason not to, or a better way all together :slight_smile:

flip a coin mostly

If your usage is more reading than writing, you’ll see a very small performance boost from using Xojo variables. You’re essentially caching the result.

But since the database is in memory anyway, you’d have a hard time measuring that performance difference.

Thanks… that was pretty much what I was thinking… just wanted other opinions… think I’m going with option #1 then :slight_smile: