OpenVPN App Possible

i had an idea for a VPN app i would like to have and use myself and maybe offer it to others.
but i can not find any information on people even looking into such a thing with xojo.
so i was wondering if anyone could maybe tell me if this kind of this would even be possible with xojo. maybe with a plugin?

Sure you can do this but unless you’re familiar with all the encryption stuff there’s a lot to learn, then again it’s fun to learn new things so why not.

I can tell you that the original OpenVPN uses the library which until recently was known as PolarSSL for its crypto. It’s recently been renamed ‘mbed TLS’ and will soon be available under the Apache license - which will make it free to use in commercial projects. It’s always been free for open source projects.

Details here :

You can compile this library using gcc / MinGW on Windows, linux and the Mac and use any of the functions to do the kind of VPN comms you’re talking about.

I’ve been using this library for more advanced crypto related functions (AES256, Elliptic Curves, ECDH key exchanges, etc) which are not available directly in Xojo at this time.

There’s obviously a lot of C involved as it’s written in C. Of course you can wrap up the C in simple dll / dylibs and do the rest of the code in Xojo by passing pointers to / from your C functions if you choose to. This is what I’ve been doing.