Opening Same Tab in URL

Not so much a Xojo question but a “web” question.

I have an CRM system that creates a URL

If I click on it it opens a new browser tab and I can display all the detail I wish that concerning record 42.

3 minutes later I hit a URL:

After that

By the end of the day I have 519 open tabs.

Is there any way I can call to have the browser and use the same Tab?

If you load them into an HTMLViewer in your web app, yes. Otherwise no.

You can construct links that will open in an existing tab, but that requires you to supply a modified anchor element. For instance, once you click one of the links in the following and that tab is open, clicking the other link will load that destination in the same tab:

<a href="" target="opentab">Xojo</a>
<a href="" target="opentab">GraffitiSuite</a>

But if you’re just passing around URLs, the answer is no.

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