Opening files with another app outside of Xojo

I have about a dozen tiny single-purpose apps which have been created previously by my company. They work by simply dragging a document and dropping it on top of their icons… in essence “opening” the document with the app. The apps perform some work and then quit - they have no interface or anything. I’d like to create a less messy interface in Xojo to manage all of these, and embed them in the App Package. How can I tell Xojo to open a document or folder item with another app that is not the Xojo app (instead it will be one of these micro apps inside the Package). I can’t seem to find any documentation about opening files with other apps!


What platform ?
Can you use a command line to open a specific file with these apps ?

I am open to AppleScript or command line if necessary. Wasn’t sure if there was a native Xojo way to do it.

well I’d pop open terminal and the drag one of the apps into Terminal so you get the full path
then type a space & drag in a file that one of these apps would open

then hit return

this will tell you if a command line will work or not

if not an applescript likely can

I use this

dim sh As new Shell sh.Execute("open -a appNameToOpenWith " + fileToOpen.ShellPath)

From the man page

[quote]The open command opens a file (or a directory or URL), just as if you had double-clicked the file’s icon.

-a application: Specifies the application to use for opening the file[/quote]