Opening files on Linux barfs into home folder?

Hello all,

I believe this is a XOJO on Linux n00b question, but I have to ask. I’m running the XOJO sample file browser app on RHEL6 and when I try to launch any of my PDFs from my xojo install directory I’m getting a bunch of nonsense files marked with (invalid encoding).

I’m guessing I’m doing or did something wrong but can’t figure out what is going on.

Any suggestions for a Linux n00b?

I can load txt files into HTMLViewer on RHEL6. However, when I try loading PDFs via local file:/// or even the direct POSIX path, nothing happens but the crazy files seen above. Acrobat Ready is never launched if I just try launching the files directly either.

Any advice for loading PDF files into HTMLViewer, or even externally in Acrobat from XOJO app running on Linux?