Opening/Closing Screens

If I drop a file on my app it opens a screen from app.handleurl

Var v as New MainScreen

If I drop a second file on the App I end up with 2 instances of Mainscreen. How should I be managing that so I just reuse the same screen?

Probably in setting v as App Property, so you will only have one instance of v instead of many…

Screen is a window synonym ?

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You can tell what’s currently being viewed in App.CurrentScreen.

If App.CurrentScreen IsA MainScreen Then
  // use the existing screen
End If
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Currentscreen doesn’t seem to appear but I found App.CurrentLayout, is that the same?

Also how do you reference any of the screens that are open from app.handleurl? doesn’t work… I know this is 101 of IOS but I have never done anything other than pushto a newscreen

Yeah, it’s now CurrentLayout.

You’ll need to keep track of them yourself.

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