Opening a Xojo-made executable in Mountain Lion

Hi, I’m a novice at all this and not tech-savvy. I’m not sure if this question is particular to Xojo or not, but I hope someone can help me. On a computer running Snow Leopard, I used the “build” feature in Xojo to create an executable, then emailed it to myself and downloaded it on a computer running Mountain Lion. Now the application won’t open, saying that “the Classic environment is no longer supported.” But I didn’t make this on a computer running Classic. What went wrong? How do I open my file?

I don’t know what would cause that. Did you ZIP the app before you emailed it to yourself?

I had this problem before with RS. Just zip it before you send and you should be good to go.

I tend to use Dropbox as a quick way between macs as well as one is at work and one at home! That may be a good way to go too.

DropBox while handy has some security risks associated with it
Just google for “drop box security risks” and you’ll find a long list of articles about them

i use logmeinrescue to transfer files and for mac version, i always have to zip it first and the unzip on the client’s machine. For some reason, when i just direct transfer, the app doesn’t work at all…