OpenGL support on iOS... or how to 3D?

I have a legacy desktop application that I’d like to update with some new 3D stuff, as well as create an iOS version that also includes the 3D functionality. It appears that in the latest Xojo (2016 R4.1) there is still no native support for OpenGL in iOS projects.

Does anyone here have experience getting 3D stuff working in iOS projects in Xojo? I’m relatively new to 3D programming, and assumed OpenGL is what I’ll be using, but if there is another way I’m all ears.


iOS has SceneKit for 3D and SpriteKit for 2D, does not use OpenGL

I believe Ulrich has a library for Xojo iOS, but it might be of macOS… but you can find references to it on this site

iOS comes with OpenGL ES.

Apple prefers if you use higher level APIs.
Or Metal.

OpenGL is in retirement mode on iOS (and macOS AFAIK) and has been replaced with Metal.

Metal is just as complicated as OpenGL, but about 10% faster on the latest Apple hardware (although one wonders if that’s because OpenGL with Apple platforms is not the latest OpenGL).

Like Dave says, if you use Apple’s high level APIs they deal with the low level stuff for you.

That’s right. I did not reimport SceneKit to iOSLib yet. I’ll see if I can manage that during the next days. It’s so much easier!