Hi, I have a program with an openglsurface and I have noticed that the function opengl.glReadPixels is not working in release 2013.3 under windows OS (W vista, W7 and W8).
Neither RGB nor depth can be read. This function works under Linux and used to work under windows with release 2013.2, any idea?


Have a look at Feedback #29583.
Yes, there have been some changes in Xojo about OpenGL with no notification.
They are causing a lot of trouble in my graphical program.
I’ve already complained about this to Xojo but you can do it as well.

You probably first need to call MySurface.MakeCurrent Stefano, if you now want to access the OpenGL routines outside of the OpenGL Surface’s events (e.g. in Window.Open, or Button.Action).

I think they changed it this way to make it easier to switch context between more than one OpenGL surface on your Window.

Ramon, I believe you meant to say <> not 29583.

Thanks a lot, MySurface.MakeCurrent solved the problem.

That is great news Stefano.