OpenGL and MouseCursor

I’m trying to track a weird behaviour of the MouseCursor on OpenGLSurfaces.
Generally there is no problem but sometimes you must order twice to change MouseCursor on this type of Control.
Although it happens often enough I’m not able to reproduce it in a consistent way.

Have you ever experimented this behaviour?

I know that MouseCursor is controlled by OpenGL, and you can use a GLUT routine to manipulate it:
but I’d like to have some feedback before changing my code. TIA

What OS? Is it a custom image supplied cursor or one of the built in ones? I’m on mac and the cursor changes fine but not sure what to look for. I mean how often the glitch might happen or how it’s being set.

I don’t think OpenGL has anything to do with cursors. GLUT is an add-on and not really OpenGL, afaik. If you’re using GLUT that may have something to do with it.