OpenGL 3.3 on Windows

I would like to create an OpenGL 3.3 context under Windows, but I’m not sure how.

I know how to do this under OS X but the process is different under Windows and by default my Virtual Win 10 PC will create a 3.0-only context. The virtual PC does have 3.3 support.

Ideally I’d like to do this without using a 3rd party library, but I’m open.

Here’s a bump, hoping someone can provide you a solution.

OpenGL got weird staring with 3.0, with their idea of “legacy” and non-legacy versions.

For example, on OS X if you request an OpenGL context you will always get “2.1” unless you specifically ask for the newer one using the OpenGL Profile:

On Win32, it’s more confusing (surprise) with some OpenGL drivers providing a higher version # (such as 4.0) but still providing back compatibility:

Can you say more about your VM? Fusion? Parallels? x86 or x64? What version ?

It’s Fusion 8 running Win10 Pro.

It was a little tricky translating examples from other sites, but I finally got a proper 3.3 context under my VM.