OpenGL 2.1 64-bit For Windows Book and Plugins

A new book called I Wish I Knew How To … Program #OpenGL Legacy 2.1 64-bit for Windows with #Xojo has been released in November 2022.

There are three plugins which come with the book : 1) High performance window and controls, 2) OpenGL 2.1 code, and 3) Windows OS API calls for performance with 64-bit applications in Xojo.

A teaser YouTube video has been created at More details can be viewed at OpenGL 2.1 64-bit for Windows which include the versions of each plugin.

A common wish for Windows users are to have smooth graphics, fast refresh speeds, sharper graphics, and a large amount of customization. More details about this release are:

Version 3.0 October. Released in November 2022.

  • Wrote the book
  • Updated to Xojo API 2 GUI and API2 Code
  • Updated Windows OS algorithm for optimized graphics
  • Created GLFWXojoPlugin.xojo_plugin
  • Created OpenGLXojoPlugin.xojo_plugin
  • Created WinXojoPlugin.xojo_plugin
  • Most of the drawing algorithms are exposed to maximize customization
  • Added mouse callback functionality
  • Added keyboard callback functionality
  • Wrote most examples with updated polling graphics, like the way game engines are written. This also comes with a book that has 22 chapters, more than 550 pages, that provides over 80 examples such as:

Examples include:

  1. Many primitives (quads, triangles, etc.)
  2. Fundamentals of colours
  3. Movement and rotation
  4. Points
  5. Starting a graph and chart
  6. Beginning lighting
  7. Lots of texturing
  8. Blender models
  9. Transparency
  10. Camera viewing
  11. An introductory understanding of threads
  12. Collision detection
  13. Xojo Blocks game
  14. Keyboard and mouse callback
  15. This book includes 3-plugins: 1) OpenGL 2.1, 2) GLFW, 3) Some Windows API calls
  16. …and more.

ISBN: 978-1-927924-33-4

If you are new to computer graphics, I suggest that you become familiar with drawing in a Canvas first, as OpenGL GPU graphics are slightly more complicated.


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