OpenFileDialog, SaveFileDialog, and SelectFolderDialog for WEB APP?

What should I use for web app development like OpenFileDialog,
SaveFileDialog, and SelectFolderDialog are for desktop app?

Adding web in front of the names doesn’t work.

Please for advice

WebFileUploader for opening files and WebFile for saving files.

Thanks Greg,

What about SelectFolderDialog?

There’s no reason for that. You can’t arbitrarily access the user’s drive anyway.

What is it that you are trying to do?

I am learning to develop web app through basic tutorial Introduction to Programming with Xojo, and now I am at Chapter 9, where working with dialogs is presented, but for desktop app.

I see. File and folder selection dialogs don’t exist the same way in web apps.

To be clear, this is a browser limitation, not a Xojo limitation.

Thanks @Greg_O_Lone

I will try to find way around