OpenFileDialog does not appear

I’m using XOJO Version 2022 Relaese 1.1 and try to get older apps working with Monterey.
Until now I’m stuck with this part:

Var dialog As OpenFileDialog
dialog = New OpenFileDialog
dialog.Filter = FileTypen.VideoMP4
dialog.PromptText = “Das mp4-Video aussuchen.”
dialog.Title = “Bitte das Video öffnen”
dialog.Left = 50
dialog.Top = 50
dialog.ActionButtonCaption = “OK”
dialog.CancelButtonCaption = “Abbruch”

If Pfad_zur_Filmdatei="" then


  • if App.FI_Video_Movie<>Nil and App.FI_Video_Movie.exists then*
  • end if*


End If

I get no errors but the dialog does’nt appear at all so that I can’t make a choice for opening a file.

What am I doing wrong?
Please give me a hint!

Monterey don’t ask you permission to access to the hard disk ?
If so and if you reject it, no dialog will be issued…

You have many ‘*’ and an End If that have to be removed… from your code above…

I do not know this construct:
App.FI_Video_Movie = dialog.ShowModal

Some variables are not declared in the above code…

At last, please, select the Xojo Code and press the
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This is the call which should show the dialog. It is inside a conditional statement. Have you put a breakpoint there to test whether the code actually gets there?

With this code:

Var Open_Dlg As New OpenFileDialog
Var FI_Video_Movie As FolderItem

Open_Dlg.Filter = "VideoMP4"
Open_Dlg.PromptText = "Das mp4-Video aussuchen."
Open_Dlg.Title = "Bitte das Video öffnen"
Open_Dlg.Left = 50
Open_Dlg.Top = 50
Open_Dlg.ActionButtonCaption = "OK"
Open_Dlg.CancelButtonCaption = "Abbruch"

'If Pfad_zur_Filmdatei = "" Then

FI_Video_Movie = Open_Dlg.ShowModal

If FI_Video_Movie<>Nil And FI_Video_Movie.exists Then
  MessageBox "Valid file Reference"
End If


the OS ask:

and if accepted, shows the dialog:

Last released Monterey/M1.