OpenDialogmbs on Windows

I switched to using OpenDialogmbs some time back because the XOJO open dialogs did not respect file types properly.
(when you set a filter it should disable files that dont match the type, and ideally add the extension if someone types a filename that lacks it)

But on Windows, the dialog that appears is Windows 95 style, not Windows 10 style
Is there some flag or setting I can use to make it look more modern?

There doesnt appear to be an equivalent SaveDialogMBS , so I am stuck with the Xojo one.

If you use FilterItem event or custom picture, we have to switch to older style dialog.

Otherwise you get newer style.

What is problem with built-in save dialog?

[quote]If you use FilterItem event or custom picture, we have to switch to older style dialog.
I don’t.

Dim dlg as OpenDialogmbs dlg= New OpenDialogmbs dlg.InitialDirectory=specialfolder.documents dim pics as new OpenDialogFileTypeMBS = "Pictures" pics.Extension = "*.png;*.jpg;*.gif;*.tiff;*.jpeg;*.bmp;*.pdf" dlg.AddType pics dlg.ShowDialog

Over time, I work around so many bugs and issues that I tend to forget.

I want it to add the missing extension if user doesn’t add one.
I want the browser part to show existing files of the same type, and folders, but nothing else.
And a nice to have would be to amend the prompt text - that isnt cross platform

I tested OpenDialog (pre 2019r2 version…)
And filetypes work as expected there today… on Windows.
But on Mac, the file browser shows all files as selectable , with the same code.

So I have to use

#if TargetMacOS //Use OpenDialogMBS #else //Use OpenDialog #endif

to get the effect I want.
This gives me working filters on both, and Windows 10 look on Windows 10

You can try NSOpenPanelMBS or NSSavePanelMBS instead for MacOS.

I have a solution for Mac… just use the Xojo dialog.
OpenDialogMBS on Windows defaults to Windows 95 style , even though I am not using filter events.

Not sure about automatically adding missing extensions yet, but I will plod on.

looks right for me with old and new style: