OpenDialog with SpecialFolder.Applications

Why only with SpecialFolder. Applications isn’t doing on sub-folder Pippo ?

Dim dlg As New OpenDialog
'dlg.InitialDirectory = SpecialFolder.Documents.child(“Pippo”)
dlg.InitialDirectory = SpecialFolder.Desktop.child(“Pippo”)
'dlg.InitialDirectory = SpecialFolder.Applications.child(“Pippo”)
Dim f as FolderItem = dlg.ShowModal()

Does “Pippo” exist there?

Writing to Application folder is subject to permissions.

This may explain (if you want to write or if there’s a bug [wrong underlying code ?] or…)

But I can freely create a sub folder in Application folder.
Why can’t I open with dlg.ShowModal() ?

If the subfolder does not exist, you cannot open into it, can you ?

You must create it before pointing InitialDirectory to it.

but certainly the sub folder was created before

SpecialFolder.Applications is restricted for writing. That may explain.

This will be the reason, but it’s a shame

That is what I wrote 14 hours ago.