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Ok, I have done a bit of searching and haven’t found anything. I am writing a program that monitors each user’s memory usage and sends an alert to IT when it gets to high. I have that portion done, but in an effort to provide the IT department with all of the information they need to figure out the cause, I would like to know what websites they had open at the time. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find anyway to figure that out, does anyone have any ideas?

As a user I would say “What’s that to you?”

With the same reservations about privacy as Axel formulated, if company policy is clear enough about that, you can probably get the browser history with the techniques linked here

If this is users on a corporate network, the servers that connect and route them to the internet would have all that information, and the IT department doesn’t need to be “told”, they would be in control of it. If it is users on their personal computers, then I agree “Whats that to you?”

While it is true we could access it another way, it would be easiest to have a list included in the email since any other method could include a list larger than what is currently open.

What is it to us? Well, these are company run remote desktop systems, so they have limited amounts of memory and CPU power and we have been finding some websites are memory or cpu hogs. CPU we are able to monitor with very little difficulty with off the shelf solutions.

No, we don’t care about what they are doing specifically, other than determining if it is hurting system performance and if it is come up with a solution. Although our company policy is very clear about what is allowed and what isn’t allowed to be visited on our systems, we just don’t enforce it all that much as long as it isn’t affecting system performance and people get their work done.

Again, I don’t want their browser history, as that may include more than what is currently open and consuming resources, so really just a list of what sites are currently running, I then should be able to figure out from there how much memory each site is consuming.

As Data would say, pursuing an untamed ornithoid…

Hey, you would be surprised how intertwined all of these things are with system performance. In general on a standalone workstation, not a big deal, it just slows down one user, but when working with remote desktops, it causes slow downs for all of the connected users on that remote system, in some cases that can mean 25+ users.

Obviously easy enough to track which websites are bandwidth hogs from the network side.

Believe it or not, it is a lot harder to track which websites are memory hogs and that is the whole point, we want to figure out which ones are memory hogs to improve system performance.

What browser and OS are you targeting? Applescript can list the open windows, tabs, titles and urls of safari. Maybe it works for other browsers on Mac.

Unfortunately, it is on Windows.