Open URL in new tab

Hey again…
I still want to open some URL’s in a new tab. But that doesn’t work with a method, just with the click on the “WebLink”-WebControl, afaik.
Is there any workaround for this, so I can open a new tab from a button ?

Thanks in advance! :wink:

You can use javascript with the ExecuteJavascriptMethod to enclose the button in a link tag.

Here’s some freeware to do just that.

@Brock Nash :
That doesnt work afaik. Because when you try to do it with Javascript you cant “bypass” the Popupblocker itself
@Daniel Taylor :
Thanks, but i already tried it. What i want: I want to Doubleclick a Cell in a Listbox and then it should open the Link itself. I did a workaround where the Cellclick event causes a WebLink-Element to change URL and Text so User can click that but thats not what i want.

Thanks anyway for your ideas (:

Will not work with FireFox, Opera, Chrome, or Safari unless “Open links in newtab” option is set in the users browser settings. I have seen this question come up again and again in Desktop…all the way through Web Edition for years now…and if a popup blocker has been instituted, your window will not show up regardless of your coding. For one project in which I absolutely needed browsers to open in new tabs, my web app actually loaded tabs within its own page dynamically, and displayed the htmlcontent in seperate panels…the user could switch between tabs by using their tabbed headers…eventually the web app became a full fledged in-browser “desktop application” for managing the server as well as interacting with other users attached to the web application and loading webpages in tabbed views. There are a million ways to “skin a cat”…but only one cat :slight_smile: